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Estab. in 1909, this is one of Mississippi's oldest community libraries and its first Carnegie library. School superintendent L.B. Reid secured money from Andrew Carnegie Foundation for this facility.
On Natchez Trace. Named for Sam Houston, friend of Joel Pinson, donor of site. Made county seat at creation of Chickasaw Co., Feb. 9, 1836. In 1909 state's first Carnegie library built here.
This monument marks the Natchez Trace through Chickasaw County. By the Treaty of Pontotoc in 1832, the Chickasaw Indians ceded to the United States their lands east of the Mississippi. In 1801-1802 the old Indian trail was converted into a wagon r…
(Front Side) Dedicated to the men of Chickasaw County who served in the War for Southern Independence 1861 - 1865 (Back Side) Infantry 2nd Miss. Regiment, Co. G 6th Miss. Regiment, Co. F 9th Miss. Regiment, Co. F 11th Miss. Regiment, …
Dedicated to the citizens of Chickasaw County who served our country in peacetime and war with honor Dedicated to the memory of all boys of Chickasaw County who gave their lives in service to their country World War I John R. Brown &midd…
Erected in 1982 in honor of Joel Pinson who donated 80 acres original survey for the town of Houston in 1836. He requested it be named for his friend, Sam Houston, previous governor of Tennessee and only president of Republic of Texas.
(Marker #1) Prehistoric Trade Raw materials and articles from distant areas reached the Indians of the Bynum site by trade along trails that were the forerunners of the Natchez Trace. Spool-shaped objects made of copper filled with lead were …