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Lambert-Taylor House. This property has been listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; d…
Adams County Confederate Memorial. "Lest we forget". "Lest we forget - lest we forget" To the boys who wore the grey. Erected by the Natchez Chapter No. 304 Daughters of the Confederacy January 19, 1950 Commemorating those who left …
Old Natchez Hotel. . This building, the only part that remains of the Old Natchez Hotel Built in 1891 . Burned in the 1920's has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior . …
Intersection of High and North Rankin streets. Natchez Trails. This 1866 view of High Street shows two houses, but one is no longer standing. The surviving house in the foreground has porches with the kind of sawn wooden railing that is called &qu…
Intersection of High and North Pearl streets. Natchez Trails. Myrtle Terrace (behind you) was the home of steamboat captain Thomas P. Leathers, who commanded the steamboat Natchez in a race with the Robert E. Lee in 1870. An internationally known …
Silver Street and Natchez Under-the-Hill. Natchez Trails. The Spanish built Silver Street about 1790 to connect the town to the riverfront below. In the 1800s, Natchez Under-the-Hill was a major port on the Mississippi River. Natchez exported and …
Texada. Tavern of Don Manuel Garcia. First brick house in Mississippi Territory Oldest Capitol Building in State of Mississippi. var plainText = document.getElementById('inscription1').innerText; document.getElemen…
8.8 Miles to KINGSTONFirst Protestant SettlementIn Mississippi Territory 1773.Dedicated 1955 byThe National Society Of The Colonial Dames of America In The State Of Mississippi.
This Cannon Was Taken From The Defenses At SANTIAGO De CUBA1898
E. 8 mi. Settled, 1773 by N. Jersey pioneers led by Richard and Samuel Swayze. Latter formed Congregational church, reputedly the first Protestant church in state.
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