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Engaged Defense May 18-July 4 Casualties: killed 35, wounded 37, missing 2, total 74 Capt. L.M. Graves and Lieut. H. Lanehart killed Capt. W.A. Selph mortally wounded
Engaged Defense May 18-July 4 Casualties: killed 17, wounded 33, total 50 Capt. S.C. Pearson and Lieut. J.C.C. Welborn killed Capt. W.T. Bayles mortally wounded
Lieut. Col. 27th Infantry Killed in battle June 21 1863
Marks its farthest advance May 22. Killed 7, Wounded 85, Total 92; Lieut. Charles H. Brookings mortally wounded
End of main gallery from Ewing's approach. Carried to this point the forenoon of July 4. Preparations had been made for charging a mine at head of gallery with 2200 pounds of powder, when work was stopped by order of Gen. Grant.
End of Giles A. Smith's approach to Confederate Lunette in front. Carried to this point July 3, and a galley for a mine started but not finished. Sap-roller at head of approach faced by a Confederate 6-pounder rifled gun in ditch in front of lunet…
Assault, May 19, 1863 killed 8, wounded 31, missing 1, total 40, Lieut. Hiram McClintock killed, Capt. Johns Riddle mortally wounded.
This stone marks the farthest advance of the Thirtieth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the assault of May 22, 1863.
Blair's Division was massed for the assault, the morning of May 22, on the left of the Graveyard Road and about 900 yards from the Confederate stockade redan. At 10 o'clock a.m., this brigade followed Ewing's by the flank, on the Graveyard Road. W…
Assault May 19 1863 Casualties Killed 21 Wounded 49 Total 70 Capt. Edward C. Washington and Lieut. Justus A. Boies mortally wounded
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