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To commemorate and perpetuate the heroic services, the unselfish devotion to duty and the exalted patriotism of the Missouri soldiers Union and Confederate who were engaged in the campaign, siege and defense of Vicksburg
This brigade, with skirmishers in advance, was formed behind the crest of the ridge immediately north of Mint Spring Bayou. In order from right to left as follows: 37th Ohio, 4th West Virginia, 47th Ohio, in line, and the 30th Ohio in reserve. The…
Assault May 19, 1863 Killed 27 Wounded 110 Total 137 Major Arza M. Goodspeed killed Lt. Findley D. Ong Mortally wounded
Capt. T. K. Emanuel; Lieut. John R. Scalter. The company served pieces, number, kind and caliber unknown, on the line of Hebert's Brigade in undetermined positions from May 18 to the end of the defense, July 4, 1863. A detachment probably se…
Commanding 2D Brigade Forney's-Bowen's Division Army of Vicksburg Killed in this redan June 27 1863
Maj. Gen. John H. Forney May 21 - July 4 1863 Abou 900 yards west of this tablet
Commanding 1st Brigade Loring's Division Johnston's Army Killed in the Battle of Champion's Hill May 18, 1863
To the Arkansas Confederate Soldiers and Sailors, a part of a nation divided by the sword and reunited at the altar of faith
This redan and the line immediately to its right were held the afternoon of May 19, 1863, and the assaults of the Union force repulsed, by the 7th Mississippi Infantry Battalion. Its casualtiescannot be accurately stated. The position was held, …
This brigade, with skirmishers in advance, was formed about 600 yards in front of the east face of the confederate stockade redan on the graveyard road, on both sides of that road, in the following order: the 83D Indiana with the 127th Illinois in…
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