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Two blocks east - site of Pluggy's Town A larger Mingo town of the Revolutionary period, and a constant menace to settlers east and south of the Ohio. Here noted Indian Chief Logan lived for some years.
In the late days of September, 1776, negotiators William Wilson and Joseph Nicholson left Fort Pitt which is today Pittsburgh. Their goal was to convince the tribes north and west of the Ohio not to join forces with the British. For support, the n…
Near this location was a large Mingo town of significance during the Revolutionary period of the 1770's. The chief was Te-caugh-ye-te-righ-to, known to the settlers as Pluggy. The village consisted of perhaps 300 inhabitants. Among them were Delaw…
The McClure Road or Wilderness Way crossed a permanent stream at this point. An "S" bridge has been placed here for utility, flood and wash control. Originally the bridge consisted of large granite boulders as buttress walls, over t…
The Atkinson Farm was located at this location since the McClure Road ran by this site approximately 500 feet north of here. The holding had ready access to a main road and was not hampered by being isolated deep in the fields as it is today. T…
Passing this point in the eighteen hundreds was a major road. It was a more direct route from Delaware than the more indirect #36 to this point. Here it was a four corner crossing the Atkinson Lane and the lane leading north to one of the McC…
From the early 1800's until the early 1900's a stagecoach road, coming directly from Delaware, passed this point on it's way to (Millville) Warrensburg, Marysville and Prospect. It was closed by the property holders (the McClure Family) as …
This plaque is set here in memory of those people from Concord Township who served in the armed forces of the United States of America erected by Concord Township Trustees
This original Old Stone Church bell welcomed familes to worship for 140 years It was replaced after the church fire in 1989
Site of the Radnor Presbyterian Log Church, of the Joint Delaware- Liberty- Radnor Congregation built 1819 Distinguished Sunday School Missionary Benjamin W. Chidlaw was a member of this church 1829- 1836 erected 1960