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The rain swollen Olentangy River flowed seven feet above the William Street Bridge during the March 1913 flood, the greatest natural disaster in Ohio history. Statewide, the flood claimed 428 lives and destroyed more than 20,000 homes. In Dela…
This tablet marks the birthplaceofRutherford B. HayesNineteenth President ofThe United StatesBorn October 4th, 1822
Berlin School stood on this site from 1915 to 1975. The first graduating class was in 1916, with the first graduate being Mildred Schanck. The last graduating class was in 1953 with 14 members. Over these 38 years, 472 students graduated from Berl…
Provided for at the40th Anniversaryof the classas a memorialto theirdeparted class mates
[Side A:]LIBERTY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCHFOUNDED IN 1810The first religious society organized in Liberty Township was formed in 1810 by Elders Thomas Cellar, Josiah McKinnie, and Leonard Monroe. Cellar and McKinnie came to Delaware in 1802. In 1820, Th…
IN LOVING MEMORYOF OUR FRIENDSDouglas MacMillan Cherry '85Ann Campana Judge '73andEdward Hobbs Luckett '84who lost their lives September 11, 2001. These gardens and benches are given intheir honor by The OWU Friends Fund September 2005
On the morning of May 3, 1890, Ohio Wesleyan University and The Ohio State University met at this location for a football game. It was the first game in Ohio State football history. Ohio Wesleyan had invited the newly organized team to a contest a…
Ohio Wesleyan owes its location to the initial efforts to establish a resort for healing purposes on the site of the Sulphur Spring. When the business faltered, Adam Poe, a pastor and several citizens purchased it and gave it to the Methodists for…
Side AThe Delaware County Fairground June 28, 1833 a meeting of the citizens of Delaware County convened under an act of the Ohio Legislature to establish The Delaware County Agricultural Society. Officers were elected with Milo Pettibone being p…
This was the first residence of movie director Vincente Minnelli when his family moved to Delaware. At that time Vincente was eleven years old, and the home belonged to his grandparents, Vince and Nina Minnelli. Vincente credited pleasant memor…