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The previous bridge at this location was a 250 foot long, steel Pennsylvania truss. It was originally built in 1914 by the Pennsylvania Bridge Company and located in Hamilton County. In 1956 it was moved for reuse at this location to carry State R…
Side A:The twelfth lock on the Hocking Canal, the Sheep Pen lock, underscores Southeast Ohioans' efforts to open their region to the world during the mid-nineteenth century. Built as a guard lock, it was intended to permit slackwater navigation of…
In memory ofthose that served Jack E AngelGerald P KeckLawrence A SmithKenneth L Strickland You Are Not Forgotten
In honor of all military personnel who have served in or supported Operation Iraqi Freedom
This memorial stands as a symbol of recognition, honoring those who served the United States in Vietnam.
In honor of the men and women of Hocking County who served in Operation Desert Storm January 16, 1991
In memory ofthe Boys in Blueof Hocking County1861 - 1865
Born in 1886 on a farm near Logan, Tessa Sweazy Webb was a teacher at the Hocking County Children's Home where she began writing poetry. By 1924 she had become well known across the state and nation for her published works. Under Webb's successful…
Worthington (1773-1827), land developer as well as statesman, laid out the village of Logan, beginning on June 27, 1816, while he was Governor of Ohio. This lot was set aside by him to be used as a public market place. Worthington became a member …
This recess cave was named for the "old man" Richard Rowe, a recluse who made the cave his home in the 1800's and is a part of the scenic Hocking Hills State Park. Hocking comes from the Wyandot Indian word "hockhocking," referring to the Hocking …