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In memory of those who lost their lives on 4 April 1975 when a disabled C-5A crashed on landing at Go Vap, Vietnam during "Operation Babylift." Dedicated 20 May 1989
Graduated Williams Air Force Base 19 January 1956 Donated by W.G. Bumpus 19 January 1996
90th Bomb Sqdn LNI 3rd Bomb Group Korea 1950 - 1953 In memory of all who served Dedicated 13 September 1996
Commander, 414th Night Fighter Squadron World War II Our Leader, Our Example, Our Friend 2 November 1919 - 3 August 1995
World War II U.S. Army Air Force Mediterranean Theater 12th Air Force · 15th Air Force 1942 - 1945 Honoring Those Who Served Dedicated 30 August 1996
24 June 1942 - 22 Dec. 1969 In memory of all Tomcats who served with distinction
Stearman · Cadet B-17 · Pilot B-52 · Command Pilot Born Centerville, IA 26 April 1919 In Service to His Country 1940-1964
The 509th Composite Group operated from the island of Tinian in the western Pacific from June to November, 1945. On 6 August 1945, a B-29 of the 393rd Bomb Squadron dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Three days later…
Longtime AFSA Benefactor and First Elected International President Dedicated 25 April 1996
1st Helicopter Rescue in USAAF History 23 April 1944 (Burma) 1st Invasion Using CG-4A Gliders into Burma 5 March 1944 1st Air to Ground Rockets from a P-51 A Any Place · Any Time · Any Where In honor of all who served wit…
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