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The Peacemakers Anderson Air Force Base Guam Dedicated 28 June 1996
In honor of Brig. Gen. Julian M. Chappell and to all who served under his command in Headquarters 50th Troop Carrier Wing during World War II U.S. Army Air Force Dedicated - 6 September 1996
In memory of Capt. Arthur H. Morse WWI AEF France Harlan Fengler WWII 8th AF England
was the only son of a Civil War veteran to make the United States Air Force a career. 1949 - 1980
November 1942 - January 1946 Eight Campaigns; New Guinea To Japan Philippine Pres. Unit Citation. Dedicated To Those Who Served, And To Commemorate Those Missing In Action. July 1995
1943 - 1945 Seven Campaigns - Africa to Italy Dedicated to those who served Dedicated August 11, 1995
MSgt USAF Ret Korea - Vietnam USAF Orientation Group 4950th Test Wing Dedicated 15 September 1995
This squadron of young Americans bore the cost of freedom from the South Pacific to Japan and Korea. They earned respect and thanks from a grateful nation. P-51 · P-39 · P-47 · F-80 Selfridge Field · Mt Gamb…
Whose outstanding leadership contributed greatly to our success From his comrades in arms The 491st Bombardment Group (H) Eighth Air Force - European Theater 1944-1945
76th, 77th, 78th Troop Carrier Squadrons C-46, C-119, C-124 Aircraft First Air Force Reserve Troop Carrier Wing Active Service for Korean War Best Air Force Reserve Wing 1955. Dedicated 3 October 1997
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