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Entered Federal Service 15 October 1940 Dedicated 5 September 1997
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Dedicated to the 917 men who lost their lives, the hundreds of wounded and those who survived. Dedicated 22-September-1995
Activated 1 Aug 42 Deactivated 11 Oct 45 434th T.C. G.P. 435th T.C. G.P. 436th T.C. G.P. 437th T.C. G.P. 438th T.C. G.P.
8th Air Force Spitfire 1942 England 12th Air Force Spitfire 1943-1944 N. Africa 15th Air Force P-51-Mustang 1944-1945 Italy Dedicated 8 June 1995
In Honor of Reservists Who Served in Units at Scott AFB, IL Commissioned 1943 Service during World War II, Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and the Persian Gulf War Recipient of Outstanding Unit Awards Unit Aircraft: P-51, AT-6, AT-7, AT-11, C-45…
In Honor Of the crewmembers and passengers who lost their lives in a C-47 crash in the mountains of Alaska on 5 February 1954 Capt Earl L Betscher Lt Col Edward L Burge Capt James M Hill A/3c Edward J Knapp A/2c Richard L Knickerbocker …
World War II Naval Aviator Teacher U.S. Air Force Museum Education Specialist Aviation & Sailing Enthusiast and Devoted Family Man Remembered by His Family & Friends Dedicated May 1997
Dedicated in honor and memory of all those who served in and with the IX Troop Carrier Pathfinders World War II - Europe [Dedicated] 9 May 1997
Dedicated to the memory of those who flew and served in World's first supersonic bomber B-58 Hustler held 19 World Records Won the following aviation trophies Thompson Trophy 1961 Harmon Trophy 1962 & 1964 Bleriot Trophy 1961 · B…
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