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[Dedicated] 20 June 1997
New Guinea · 1944 · East Indies Philippines · 1945 · Okinawa A-20 Havoc Dedicated in Memory of all our Airmen and Support Personnel Whose Supreme Sacrifices Aided in Preserving Freedom throughout the Wo…
HQ and HQ Sqd HQ Sqd V Bomber Command 5th Station Hospital 405 Sig Co. (A.V.N.) 80th Service Group Dedicated to all veterans who served to preserve the freedom of this nation [Dedicated] September 1997
Flying KC-97G aircraft, this unit lived up to its motto "We Change The Range." The 98th flew 10,000 refueling missions and delivered over 325 million pounds of jet fuel in-flight. The squadron never lost a man or an accident, never recorded an i…
They honored their family and served their country WWII, D-Day, St. Lo, Occupation of Germany and Japan, Korea, French Indo China, Philippines, Viet Nam, Panama, and Desert Storm Drach, Edward F. · T/5 US Army Drach, Joseph J. &…
67th Fighter Squadron Asiatic Pacific Theater WWII Dedicated 18 September 1997
Campaigns. World War II: China Defensive; Guadalcanal; New Guinea; Northern Solomons; Bismarck Archigelago; Western Pacific; Leyte; Luzon; Southern Philippines; China Offensive; Air Combat, Asiatic-Pacific Theater. Dedicated 18 September 1997
In Honor Of Founder and Executive Director of Bombardiers, Inc. An organization dedicated to collecting, recording and preserving the heritage and tradition of the military profession of bombardiering.
We dedicated this plaque to all the personnel of the 556th Strategic Missile Squadron I.C.B.M. and Snark who gave their best and kept the United States Air Force missiles in readiness during the Cold War and the "Cuban Missile Crisis". May the…
World War II - Pacific Theater: Pearl Harbor Day 1941 until the war ended - 1945 Pearl Harbor, Saipan, Guam, Tinian, Iwo Jima, I E Shima, Okinawa The 19th flew and maintained P40s, P47s, and P38s. In aerial combat, the 19th never lost a …
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