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15th Photographic Section U.S. Air Service World War I France 1917 - 1918
DFC, MSM, AM w/11 OLC, AFCM w/1 OLC, GCM, CHSM, NDSM w/1 BSS, KSM w/2 BSS, VSMW w/3 BSS, UNSM, RVCM USNR 1949 - 1953 USS Missouri - BB 63
Missing in Action on his 10th Mission 11 January 1944 339 Bombardment Squadron 96th Bomb Group H
Dedicated to all 41st Sq. personnel who served our nation to preserve our God given freedoms Australia · New Guinea Dutch East Indies Philippines · Okinawa · Japan P-39 · P-47 · P-51
Dedicated to a joint effort by the United States of America and Denmark July 1941 - August 1958 [Dedicated] 11 November 1996
"Juvats" "Audentes Fortuna Juvat" Fortune Favors the Bold Dedicated to all "Headhunters" who serve their country proudly and gallantly in war and peace - and to those who give their lives in that service - past, present, and future. Ded…
421 1/3 Combat Victories Fourteen Battle Honors Two Distinguished Unit Citations Spitfire · Mustang
World War II Campaigns Dieppe Raid to V-E Day Air Offensive, Europe Algeria-French Morocco with Arrowhead Tunisia · Sicily with Arrowhead Naples-Foggia · Anzio · Rome-Arno Normandy · Northern France Sou…
Dedicated to the men and women who designed, built, operate and support the world's most successful fighter
In memory of the United States military personnel who served on the Berlin Airlift 26 June 1948 to 30 September 1949. Dedicated 27 September 1996
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