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Wattisham, England · 1944-1945 Lest We Forget "All The Fine Young Men" Dedicated - 9 October 1996
To those who gave their today... for our tomorrow Dedicated 9 October 1996
AOPHA proudly honor all member residents and staff who have risked their lives serving our country. Dedicated 11, September 1996
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69th Fighter Squadron 5th Air Force Asiatic Pacific Campaign Nov. 1943 · Sept 1945 69th Fighter-Bomber Squadron Korea July 1952 · July 1953 69th Tactical Fighter Squadron Persian Gulf Jan. 1991 · Feb. 1991 To…
Presented at the 50th anniversary of their liberation, 12 May 1995, former Prisoners of War Stalag Luft III this majestic eagle, which so well represents the spirit of Freedom, is given in honor of those brave airmen held as Prisoners of …
When needed most his was the strength that held us together A great leader in spirit - in action in war - in peace
Dedicated in remembrance of all who served in the 2nd Ferrying Group, Ferrying Division Air Transport Command New Castle Army Air Base, Delaware 1942 - 1946 The group delivered aircraft all over the world and was the first to utilize women…
In memory of those who flew & fought in Southeast Asia
Reconstructed airfields and built landing strips during World War II in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations Algeria-French Morocco (with Arrowhead) Anzio · Rome-Arno · Naples-Foggia Sicily (with Arrowhead) · Nor…
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