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"We flew on the last B-29 combat mission of WWII." Elbert L. Moore, Aircraft Commander Joe G. Prescott, Pilot Wallace L. Page, Flight Engineer J. Fred "Danny" Boone, Bombardier Gordon H. Woodward, Navigator Daniel R. Mickey, Radar Robert…
In Honor Of Served with the 492nd Bomb Group 8th Air Force in England from August 1943 [to] August 1945 during World War II "Well Done"
Composed of US Army Officers Many rated and with combat service Graduated 10 October 1947 Randolph Field · Barksdale Field · Williams Field
Dedicated with honor to those who served 8 October 1999
In remembrance of the mechanics and support personnel of the 15th Air Base, 18th & 20th Service Squadrons, Howard Field, Panama and the 2118th Service Unit, Aviation, on the Galapagos Islands who kept the aircrews flying that guarded the Panama …
This plaque is dedicated to the men and women of the United States Air Force who served in United States Air Force Postal and Courier Service, Armed Forces Courier Service, Air Force Security Courier Service, Air Postal Groups and Air Postal Squ…
Honor To Those Who Served France Fld, CZ - Howard Fld, CZ Borinquen Fld, PR - Waller Fld, Trinidad Albrook Fld, CZ Berlin Airlift, Rhein/Main AFB
To honor the members of the 47th Troop Carrier Squadron who served their country during WWII Airborne Assault Sicily · Italy · Normandy Holland · Germany
Semper Lupus Capt Jim Grace - 15 Jun 69 Maj Paul Bannon - 12 Jul 69 Lt Peter Pike - 12 Jul 69 Capt Grey Warren - 25 Oct 69 Lt Neil Bynum - 25 Oct 69 Lt Denny Pugh - 19 Mar 70 Capt Al Lucki - 23 Apr 70 Capt Bob Gomez - 23 Apr 70 Lt Jim H…
Dedicated to those who sacrificed their all for the cause of freedom ETO - WWII - Campaigns Normandy Northern France Ardennes Rome Arno Southern France Rhineland Central France
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