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First Tavern in Springfield. . This Marks the Site of . The First Tavern in Springfield . Near Which . In 1808 A Permanent Peace Treaty . Was Made By . Simon Kenton and Others . With the Indians . var plainText = docume…
Text on the Front (South) Side of Monument: Madonna of the Trail N S D A R Memorial to the Pioneer Mothers of the Covered Wagon Days Text on the Left (West) Side of Monument: The National Road Completed by the Federal Government …
The Ohio Society DAR on July 4, 2003, placed this Rededication Marker to Commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Madonna of the Trail Statue. The Statue has been restored through the efforts of: · Ohio Society Daughters of the Ameri…
Site of Simon Kenton'sfirst log cabin homein Ohio - Built besidethe old war trail overwhich he was led intocaptivity - Scene ofhis killing the lastIndian slain in combatin Clark County
Famed Indian fighter, associate of Daniel Boone and George Rogers Clark, soldier of the Revolution and the War of 1812 - Leading settler of the Mad River Valley, built his first home in Ohio a few hundred feet east of this spot.
Site of Springfield's First Church Placed by Central Methodist ChurchOctober 16, 1955
Toulmin, as patent attorney for the Wright Brothers, plays a key role in one of the greatest sagas in American history. After failing to obtain the necessary patents on their own, the Wright's hire Toulmin to defend their inventions. His legal wor…
Dedicated to the Springfield community in memory ofJohn M. Temple, 43rd Infantry US Army He was a man of honor and integrity. This is the legacy he left behind for others to follow and build upon to continue their journey, pursue their dreams a…
[Marker Front]:Asa Bushnell, former Governor of Ohio, encouraged by the light grade of the land, decided to establish the Springfield, Troy, and Piqua Railway (ST&P) in July 1904. The interurban traction line utilized sixty-pound rail and traveled…
In June of 1780 British and Indian forces seized Ruddle's and Martin's Stations in Kentucky. On August 8, 1780 George Rogers Clark led a force of nearly 1000 Kentucky militia under authority of Virginia to engage the British led Shawnee at the Vil…