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The Joseph Block was built by two wealthy brothers, Julius and Louis Joseph, around 1900. It first housed a furniture and hardware store and later the House of Crane, a popular cigar shop and pool hall until 1928.
This building has been continuously used as a tavern since it was built by James L. Evans in 1889. It was strategically located on this corner to service railroad passengers with food and drink downstairs and boarding upstairs.
Constructed in 1888 by Albert H. Lacy, this building appears to be 4 stories, but the blind windows mask a decked roof. The tenants have included a hardware store for over 100 years and the Knights of Pythias for over 40 years.
F. M. Bachman, a German immigrant, constructed this c.1880 building for his grocery business. The building is best known for housing the Morris 5&10? Store, located here from the 1920s to the 1950s.
Built by Daniel Craycraft in 1889, this Queen Anne building housed Meade Vestal's law office. Vestal was a prominent Democraft and Circuit Court judge. The second floor loggia is unique for a commercial building.
Built in the 1880s by Margaret Allison, this building housed a jewelry store in the 1880s and a cigar factory in the 1890s. The carrara glass facade on the first floor is a unique feature in downtown Noblesville.
[Obverse]: First bridge spanning White River at Potter's Ford was commissioned 1860 and named after the landowner, William Potter. In 1870, Hamilton County Commissioners voted for construction of this "Howe Truss" bridge. It was finished 1871 and …
Hamilton County formed 1823. Noblesville platted 1823, selected county seat 1824, incorporated 1851. Located east of downtown commercial area; boundaries are Conner and Logan streets (east and west) and 10th and 17th streets (north and south). Lis…