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The F-106 Delta Dart had a long and illustrious career at Edwards AFB. The prototype A-model made its first flight here on 26 Dec 56. On 15 Dec 59, Col Joe Rogers piloted as F-106 A to a world speed record of 1,525.695 mph (Mach 2.41) here. In Apr…
130 feet south is the point where Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio meet.
The pioneers traveling from Chicago to Toledo used this road. It was the oldest path of travel in the Central West - first used by Indians - then French traders, missionaries and the military. Established by an act of Indiana legislature in 1833, …
(Front Side)Indiana admitted by the U.S. Congress as nineteenth state 1816. Enabling Act moved northern boundary ten miles north of southernmost tip of Lake Michigan providing direct access to the lake. Boundary first surveyed 1817 by William Harr…
Settled in 1834 as Willow Prairie. Village of Brockville - Platted in 1837. Post Office and town changed to Fremont in 1848 in honor of John C. Fremont "the Great Pathfinder." Located on the Vistula Trail, the meeting place for people from …