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On 30 January 1972, a massive British military operation in Derry's Bogside ended in the murder of thirteen unarmed civil rights demonstrators and the wounding of fifteen others - one of whom died later of his injuries on 16 June 1972. The Brit…
The Legend of Hanging RockWy-nu-sa was a beautiful Miami Indian maiden who thought she was in love with two handsome, strong, stalwart Indian braves. Both of the young men were deeply in love with the maiden, too, but she was not able to decide wh…
Important Business Centeron the old Wabash Erie canalthis site presented to thetown of Lagroby Charles Nottinghamto be Presented as aHistorical Monument
History of the RiverThe Wabash Valley drained thousands of square miles of the Wisconsin glacier during the latter part of the Ice Age, acting as the primary sluiceway for unimaginably large amounts of glacial meltwater that would dwarf the modern…
(Front Side)Congregation founded 1836, serving Irish who immigrated to area to work on construction of Wabash and Erie Canal, 1834-1837. Many Irish bought land and stayed as permanent residents using their religious and cultural interests to build…