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French and Indian Trade was significant in this area prior to 1700. To protect it Post Ouiatenon was established. One Mile West
In tribute to Major Joseph Hamilton Daviess, Grand Master of Masons in Kentucky, who fell in battle here, and to the many Freemasons of General Harrison's command whose valor is held in grateful remembrance.
Left Side Text In 1857, leaders of the Methodist Church choose this site to serve as the Battle Ground Collegiate Institute. The site was chosen because of its historic significance, its natural features, and its close proximity to the railro…
Established in 1808 by Tecumseh and the Prophet as the capital of their pan-Indian confederacy. Led by Tecumseh, representatives of many midwestern Indian nations met and lived here in an attempt to build the greatest Indian resistance movement in…
Panel One American Forces.Men engaged. 910.General Wm. Henry Harrison Commanding attacked at 4: O'Clock A. M. Indian forces led by Prophet. Number engaged about the same as AmericansLoss. Americans. Killed 37. " Wounded 151.Indian loss unknow…
First post in Indiana area built nearby in 1717 by French Canada to counter British expansion in valleys of Wabash and Ohio rivers. Served as trade and communication post. French surrendered fort to British in 1761 during the French and Indian War…
The first American Priestof the West.July 22, 1741 —— June 12, 1812
Here, on this site, military forces commanded by General William Henry Harrison, engaged in battle with the Indians of the Wabash country led by The Prophet, brother of the great Indian leader, Tecumseh. This battle destroyed forever the hope of T…
Right Panel First Bridge at this site a three span wooden toll bridge erected in 1865. Purchased by Tippecanoe County in 1871.Second Bridge, a steel three span bridge erected in 1889. Rendered useless by the flood of March 18, 1913. Low water e…
Used by Indian tribes and often traveled by Chief Tecumseh prior to defeat of his warriors by Gen. William Henry Harrison at the Battle of Tippecanoe on November 7, 1811.