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For generations of Ludington residents, the statue of the "Boy and Girl Under the Umbrella" was the center piece of the City Park. The statue, made entirely of a cast metal, originally had been positioned on the front lawn of the James Foley re…
Erected in 1849
During the 1870s and 1880s, Ludington Swedes, Danes and Norwegians worshipped together as the Scandinavian Lutheran Society. In 1873 the society built a church where all three languages were spoken. The Swedes, who formed their own congregation on…
The "Abbie" was the last schooner built at the Ludington docks in 1886 for Rasmus Rasmussen. At 88 feet long, 22 feet wide, and with a 6 foot draft, this double-masted, 88-ton schooner was typical of those that sailed the Great Lakes. On most vo…
In the 1960's, the introduction of Coho and Chinook Salmon into Lake Michigan was the beginning of great expansion of sport fishing. In 1964, over 600,000 Coho smolts were stocked in the Platte River and Bear Creek, both tributaries of Lake Mic…
In memory of the carferry "S.S. City of Flint 32," driven ashore during the Great Armistice Day Storm of November 11, 1940 about 500 feet off shore of this location. Vessel returned to service.
At least twenty-nine persons died when this vessel sank in Lake Michigan twenty miles off the Wisconsin coast on September 9, 1910. One of the Ludington carferry fleet, the 350 foot S.S. Pere Marquette 18 was traveling from this port to Wisconsin.…
These elms were planted by the Auxiliary of Edwin H. Ewing Post No. 76 American Legion in honor of the men of Mason County who served in the World War of 1914-1918
Dedicated in grateful tribute to the living and dead who through their valiant efforts and bitter sacrifice have made and kept America great Spanish-American War 1898-1899 World War I 1917-1918 World War II 1941-1945 Korean Conflict 195…
On November 11, 1940, a severe storm swept the Great Lakes area. As it crossed Lake Michigan ships and seamen fought to reach safety away from its blinding winds and towering seas. Between Big and Little Points Sable the freighters William B. Davo…