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In honor of Capt. David Leet4-13-72 S Sgt. James Van Bendegom7-12-67 Missing In ActionVietnam War
City of Kenosha Landmark #79 [supplemental marker onBath House south wall]The Daughters of the American Revolution Kenosha Chapter plant these trees to honor members who reach the age of 90 years oldInstituted October 2004
Erected in honor of Z.G. Simmons and his heirs whose generosity made possible this public park. This park is a perpetual memorial to Kenosha's public spirited citizens and as years go by a lasting source of pleasure to Kenosha men women and chi…
In honor of the brave menof Kenosha County, whovictoriously defended theUnion on land and seaduring the War of theGreat Rebellion.1861 - 1865.
In 1923 the Kenosha Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution commemorated the Pine Creek settlement of 1835 by placing a plaque on the tower of the 6th Avenue lift bridge. This marker is now given its own special place on Simmons Island. W…
Native American canoes launched America's maritime legacy about 12,000 years ago, making them among the world's oldest watercraft. Ancient dugout canoes are occasionally preserved when environmental conditions are just right. The canoe above wa…
Erected in 1873Oldest original church building in Kenosha
Was built ten yards west of this site by the Society of Methodists in 1840
Thomas B. Jeffery purchased the 1895 Sterling Bicycle Factory and pioneered Kenosha's auto industry in 1900. His company was an industry leader, creating the second mass produced auto in 1902. Jeffery was the first auto manufacturer to make all wh…
Dedicated May 30, 1900This library building a gift of Zalmon G. Simmons to the citizens of Kenosha as a memorial to his son Gilbert M. Simmons (1852-1890)His vision and generosity were appreciated by the pioneer town he believed in and loved.Archi…