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To Honor and Remember All Veterans Who Served Our Country and Community In Times of War and Peace
Founded on N S T C Campus 1940 (American Legion Logo) Charles Dalthorp      Ivan Huntsinger Dr. Harry R. Darling      Judge Harry E. Mundt N. Peter Wenge
"If you are able, Save for them a place Inside of you... And save one backward glance When you are leaving For the places they can No longer go Be not ashamed to say You loved them, Though you may or May not have always Take what they h…
Dedicated to the memory of Kent and Vera Baird Prominent Residents of Aberdeen from 1925 - 1980 This portion of the Baird farm was donated by Roger, Virginia and Howard Baird in 2001 to the citizens of Aberdeen for their use as a park and…
"All people are like kids, they never grow old." Leo J. Weber Storybookland Sculptor and Florist 1910 - 1997
Lyman Frank Baum was born May 15, 1856, in Chittenango, New York. He held a variety of jobs from actor to newspaper man to traveling salesman before settling in Aberdeen with his family n 1888. Baum first opened a variety store called Baum's Ba…
Left Side Clark Swisher's Commitment to N.S.U. and his Efforts for the Community, Exemplify his Love of athletics And his desire For students To achieve Educational Excellence. Right Side Head football Coach 1946 - 1966 He…
James Kretchman is a native of Faulkton, S.D. He first started his Northern experience as a scholar athlete in the 1950's. While playing football under Coach Clark Swisher Coach Kretchman earned Little All-American honors and he is still amongst t…
Albert D. Sahli is a native of Aberdeen and a 1947 graduate of Aberdeen Central High School. Coach Sahli received his bachelor's degree in 1951 and master's in 1956, both from Northern State University. Coach Sahli's coaching career began in 19…
Don Reshetar is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota and a 1947 graduate of Minneapolis South High School. Coach Reshetar graduated with his bachelor's degree from Augustana College, in 1951 and master's degree from Northern State University in 1958…