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Thousands of people suddenly burst into Deadwood Gulch in 1876. Some came to try their luck at mining; others hoped to strike it rich with supply stores, restaurants and saloons. "Six weeks ago the site of Deadwood City was a heavy frost of pi…
First Mass celebrated May 20, 1877 by Father John Lonergan 1st church building erected on Williams St. This present building erected 1936
After gold was discovered in Deadwood Gulch in 1875, commercial buildings were quickly erected on the flat land along Main Street, leaving the hillsides above as the only area for residential development. The first houses in Deadwood were built on…
This Ten Inch Shell was Recovered from the Battleship U.S.S. Maine that was sunk in Havana Harbor, Cuba on February 15, 1898 and Presented to the City of Deadwood in May 1912. In Memory of the United States Sailors, Soldiers, and M…
By the mid-1890s Deadwood city officials deemed it necessary to purchase a tract of land to be used for recreation and enjoyment by its citizens. Almost fifteen years elapsed before Deadwood's first city park was created. The park surrounding you …
Black Hills RailroadsThe combination of steep grades, sharp curves,creek crossings, and tunnels required exceptionalcivil engineering to satisfy the need for railroadsrequired by the Black Hills mining boom. Constructed 1881 to 1928Designat…
Historic Site Saloon Number 10 where Wild Bill was shot August 2, 1876
James Butler Hickok Gunfighter, Peace Officer, Gambler Born: May 27, 1837, Troy Grove, Illinois Died: August 2, 1876, Deadwood, Dakota Territory Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the back while playing cards in a Deadwood saloon. He is buried in …
Although the Chinatowns of New York, San Francisco and Chicago are more well-known, these ethnic enclaves weren't exclusive to America's urban centers. There were many Chinatowns in Western boomtowns, including one right here on Deadwood's Lower M…
Site of capture of the assassin Jack McCall who shot "Wild Bill" Hickok Aug 2, 1876