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A three time Governor of IllinoisA Major General in the Civil WarA United States Senator
Richard J. Oglesby was born in Kentucky, journeyed to Decatur as a young orphan, and later became one of Decatur's most prominentand best-loved citizens. Oglesby made a small fortune in the California Gold Rush and fought in both the Mexican War a…
The road beside this wayside exhibit is west main street. It was one of the main routes into and out of the City of Decatur all during the time of Lincoln's travels as a lawyer on the Eighth Judicial Circuit, the main system of justice and law for…
In March 1830 Abraham Lincoln came from Indiana with his family to settle here in Macon County at a place on the north side of the Sangamon River ten miles westerly from Decatur.The Lincolns built a log cabin and broke the sod to raise a crop of c…
erected in this area circa 1843 by Shelton G. Whitley. He was later joined by his brother, James Whitley, who helped him operate the mill for many years.
Main Marker: This Tablet marks the site of the First Home in Illinois ofAbraham Lincoln.- - 1831 - - Secondary Marker: RededicatedStephen Decatur Chapter,NSDAR1990
Abraham Lincolntraveled this way as he rode the Circuit of the Eighth Judicial District ???1847 - 1857