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The City of Decatur was chosen as the site for the 1860 Republican State Convention with Abraham Lincoln as the most prominent Republican present. As the convention delegates were beginning to take their first, formal balloting, Richard Oglesby, f…
In February 1860 the Illinois State Republican Central Committee met in Springfield, Illinois. There the Committee selected Decatur as the site for the upcoming State Republican Convention. The site selected for the Convention was located on South…
In a second floor room on this spot the Grand Army of the Republic was organized April 6, 1866, by Dr. Benjamin E. Stephenson.This tablet is placed by The Department of Illinois Woman's Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic Apr…
During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln had promised to care for the men in the armed services-and for their widows and orphans. Lincoln was unable, however, to keep that promise. In response, the Grand Army of the Republic or G.A.R. emerged as the…
In December 1849, an unusual event occurred for the lawyers who traveled on the Eighth Circuit. Mrs. Jane Martin Johns had recently moved to Decatur with her husband. She had set up temporary residence in the Macon House when her piano arrived. Un…
As the Grand Old Lady of Decatur architectural heritage, the Transfer House is not only a major city landmark, but is designated as the official symbol of the city. Originally located in downtown;s Lincoln Square, the unique structure was built in…
By 1856 Abraham Lincoln had realized that his former political party, the Whigs, was in ruins. The political landscape had changed to the point that Lincoln accepted an invitation to attend an Anti-Nebraska Editors Convention held at the Cassell H…
Who so gallantly served that all people might walk this earth free and equal.
Lincoln mounted a stump by Harrell's Tavern facing this square, and defended the Illinois Whig Party candidates near this spot at age 21 in the Summer of 1830. This statue erected Oct. 12, 1968 by the Decatur and Macon County Heritage Committee.
In which Abraham Lincoln once practiced Law stood West of this Marker.1829 - 1838Replica placed by Decatur and Macon County Heritage Committee.