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The John B. Busch Washington Brewery And Malt House In about 1854 John Baptiste Busch together with his older brother, Henry Busch, and a friend, Fred Gersie, started the Washington Brewery and Malt House at Jefferson and Eighth Street. John an…
Washington Railroad Depot Burns Confederate General Marmaduke's forces were advancing on Washington as October 1864 approached, with fear and widespread panic among the town's residents. Many citizens crossed the river to evade the advance of c…
In Memory of Henry A. Hartbauer 1916 - 2004 Founder 1953 Community Chest, United Fund and United Way
Dutch immigrant Henry Tibbe and his son Anton began production of corncob pipes in 1869. The first portion of the factory was completed in 1883. The corncob pipe made Washington famous around the world.
Having been in business with partners L. H. Peistrup and C. H. Herkstroeter since 1861, John D. Hibbeler relocated to this building from Elm and Main Streets. Later operating solely, records show that the Hibbeler General Merchandise Store remaine…
John F. Bleckman began business here in 1856. He was joined by son Henry in 1880. The family lived upstairs and continued business here until about 1914 when the business relocated.
Built to house Fred Schnier's sewing machine and tailoring business, it also showcased his wife Katharina's handmaid hair goods shop. The family resided here for two generations.
A group supporting the Confederacy established this church under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin Burch. In 1883 it became the Crispus Attucks African-American School, later the Vocational Agriculture building for the Washington School District.
After four years in business, Joseph H. Schmidt purchased this building in 1880 and his "Schmidt Boss Jewelers" continued for 110 years through three generations of the Schmidt family.
Joerden occupied this structure with his general store for about forty years. In the early twentieth century, it housed a bakery owned by Julius Rombach.