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Site of Liberty Jail built in 1833 and used by Clay County in 1856. Joseph Smith and associates held here awaiting trial in 1838-39. Restored as a Historic Site by the Mormon Church in 1963.
Built by Daniel Bell in 1858, an impressive ante-bellum mansion, restored by present owner, Donald Pharis, who also re-erected an early day log cabin here from nearby Richmond.
With the faith and courage oftheir forefathers who madepossible the freedom of theseUnited States The Boy Scouts of America Dedicate this copy of theStatue of Liberty as a pledge of everlasting fidelity andloyalty 40th Anniversary Crusade…
Our veterans will never be forgotten in the County of Clay. Though all their names we do not know to this day, this memorial is dedicated to each one and all, past, present, and future for their courageous efforts to duty for our great nation and …
In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson buys the Louisiana Purchase from France for $15 million. It remains one of the greatest acquisitions in American history. In 1804, Jefferson sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore and map the Louisia…
Immigrants from six continents settled in the rolling hills and prairies of Clay County in the vicinity of the Missouri River.
Clay County offers a variety of interesting choices for visitors. History buffs can visit the Jesse James farm in Kearney, the Elms Hotel, once a popular mineral water destination in Excelsior Springs, the Woolen Mill at Watkins Mill State Park an…
To meet the needs of an increasing population, Antioch Shopping Center was built in 1955. The Northland Fountain, dedicated in 1983, and Tryst Falls provide beauty and enjoyment to many.
Mineral waters were tapped as an economic and health benefit in the 1936 dedication of the Hall of Waters in Excelsior Springs. Early Plains Indians had built communities within the county. In hopes to preserve their legacy, archeologist and anthr…
In 1849 William Jewell College was founded by Dr. William Jewell under the auspices of the Missouri Baptist Convention. Jewell Hall is on the National Register of Historic Places. Liberty Ladies College, a private college for women, was opened in …