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The stone monuments to the west mark the trace of the original road leading up from the river. For many pioneers, traders, settlers and soldiers, this was the beginning of the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails leading to the Far West. The steamboat and f…
This cut is part of the old Santa Fe Trail. Many years ago the Missouri River came near this site and thousands of early settlers were ferried here. Their wagons and teams climbed this hill and headed west toward Santa Fe and the Oregon Territory.…
Dedicated tothe Boy Scouts ofFort Leavenworth Designed and constructedby the personnel of theGuard and Service Company1939
This wall was built in 1827as adefence against the Indians
Dedicated in memory ofGeneral Melvin Zais1916 - 1981 Commissioned in the infantry 1937Served with distinction for 37 yearsCGSC Class of 1948CGSC Instructor 1949-1952Fought in three warsCG 101st Airborne Division 1968-1969CG XXIV Corps 1969-1970…
Transfer of title to U.S. Army byArchbishop Edward J. Hunkeler, D.D.July 1967————————Rich in the tradition of the early frontier this historic shrine, which was built as the Church of St. Ignatius, h…
In October of 1864 when Fort Leavenworth and the city of Leavenworth were threatened by Confederate forces under General Sterling Price, fortifications were constructed on the crest of the ridge to the west. These works were armed with heavy siege…
Address by President Lincolnat the dedication ofThe Gettysburg National CemeteryNovember 19, 1863 Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition …