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Captain William Clark epitomized the best qualities of the American citizen-soldier and their seminal contributions to the development of the United States. Clark was born 1 August, 1770 to a modest, but accomplished and fiercely patriotic Virgini…
This building is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Schenck Smith, the daughter and wife of Army officers. In 1920, Mrs. Smith founded the Fort Leavenworth Women's Club, the forerunner of today's Wives' Club. Agendas included women's suffra…
This building was constructed in 1901 [as] an Artillery Guard House. In 1921 it was converted to quarters and housed three noncommissioned officer families.
This building was used as a horse riding hall where troops practiced horsemanship skills. It was used for this purpose until the "new" riding hall was constructed in 1908. The new Riding Hall is now Gruber Gym on Reynolds Avenue.
This tablet marks the siteof the first capitalof theTerritory of KansasUsed byGovernor Andrew H. ReederOctober 7, to November 21, 1854
Soldier, scholar, diplomat, explorer, the career of Meriwether Lewis epitomizes the range of duties and responsibilities inherent in the role of United States Army officer. Lewis was born 18 August, 1774 in Virginia and was commissioned as ensign …
Brilliant, daring tactician -Co 37th Tank BN, Europe 1944-45 Talented, intelligent, hardworking -Chief of Staff, I, X, and [sic] Corps,Korea 1953-54 Indomitable, sensitive, straightforward -Asst. Chief of Staff, Civil Affairs,Mississippi 196…
In 1881 General William Tecumseh Sherman established at Fort Leavenworth the School of Application for Infantry and Cavalry. In 1907 the title was changed to the Army School of the Line, in 1922 to the General Service Schools, in 1929 to the Comma…
Pittsburgh, PABuried - Jacksonville, ILMarried Alice Kirk - 24 Sep 1854Married Lillian King - 28 Jul 1897Fathered seven children29 years of military service1861 - 1890Advocated equal treatment for Blacks and Native Americans "As a commander, Gr…
Established in 1827, Fort Leavenworth is the oldest army post in continuous operation west of the Missouri River. Serving as the army's chief base of operations on the Central Plains, the fort furnished troops and supplies for military operations …