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In 1873, Octave Chanute collaborated with the four towns of Tioga, Alliance, New Chicago and Chicago Junction to successfully convince the railroad to run a main line through this area. For his efforts the towns agreed to name the "new" town Ch…
Born in Paris in 1832, Octave Chanute immigrated to the U.S. at the age of six. Even with no education in engineering, he would become one of the foremost engineers of the 19th Century through involvement in railroading, bridge building, construct…
The Wright Brothers received their copy of Mr. Chanute's book personally from the author, who became both their friend and advisor. Mr. Chanute visited the Wrights at Dayton, Oh. and Kitty Hawk, N.C.. Illness caused Mr. Chanute to miss the Wrig…
"Let us hope that the advent of a successful flying machine now only dimly foreseen and nevertheless thought to be possible, will bring nothing but good into the world, that it shall abridge distance, make all parts of the globe accessible, bring …
On this pier in 1926Albert Abraham Michelsonmeasured the velocity of light by means of abeam of light transmitted toMount San Antonioand reflected back to this station
Station ofHarvard CollegeObservatory1889-1890
"If he (Chanute) has not lived, the entire history of progress in flying would have been other than it has been, for he encouraged not only the Wright Brothers to persevere in their experiments, but (his) private correspondence with experimenters …
Our city was named after Octave Chanute, a noted engineer who designed railroads throughout the United States. He also built the first bridge over the Missouri River at Kansas City. He was a mentor and friend to Wilbur and Orville Wright. His b…
Originally purchased Sept. 11, 1902 by the city as a rock quarry. Dedicated as a park on April 5, 1912 after the January 10, 1912, park bond election. 10 acres.