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Beneath the wooden trestle which originally stood on the site of the railroad bridge north of here, lynch mobs hanged at least four persons in the wild days. In the wee hours of January 7, 1869, Luke Barnes, Lee Watkins and James Sponder, Bl…
Hays City and Ellis County cooperated in building a jail on this corner in 1868 and J.B. "Wild Bill" Hickok occupied the sheriffs office from August 1869, to January, 1870. Here on August 22, 1872, accused horse thief "Pony" Do…
Between 1867 and 1874 more than eighty persons were buried here. Dozens of them had died "with their boots on" as victims of knife, gun, or rope. Since the days when Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill, and Calamity Jane lived in Hays City, the bodies …
This 40&8 boxcar is one of forty-nine cars that comprised the Merci or Gratitude Train, a gift to the American People from the Citizens of France. The 40&8 boxcars, so named because of their capacity to hold either 40 men or 8 horses, transported …
In memory of all who served their country in time of need [Rolls of Honored Dead] World War I · World War II Korean Conflict · Vietnam Afghanistan Died in Service
Constructed by local parishioners, most of them German immigrants from the Volga region of Russia St. Joseph Parish began in 1876 Two earlier parish churches stood on this property St. Joseph is the oldest church in continuous use in Hays S…
This property is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior
In Memory of Our War Dead Dedicated May 30, 1949
In Memory of Departed Comrades
Co-founder, with William Rose, in 1867, of the town of Rome, predecessor of Hays. The townsite of Rome is one mile west of this point (West 12th St., extended), north of the R.R. track and along the west bank of Big Creek. A permanent marker is l…