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Found in Lake Pontchartrain in St. John the Baptist Parish, one-half mile from Ruddock in 1977. Used as a one-gun battery to guard the railroad along the western side of the lake. It never came under attack.
Town of LAPLACE named when a railroad stop was established on the Bazile Laplace plantation in 1883. Post office followed in 1887.It was first named Eugenia, then renamed LAPLACE in 1892.
Acquired in 1793 & 1808 by Manuel Andry,a commandant of the German Coast. Major 1811 slave uprising organized here. Ory Bros. & A. Lasseigne were last owners of plantation. Its subdivision in 1923 spurred the growth of LAPLACE.
Armand Montz Sr., 1887~1968. Built ice & packing plant in 1914; remodeled in 1930s. Packed and shipped vegetables to various parts of the U.S. Frozen food pioneer. His plant was important factor in local economy.
In 1871 on this bonnet shaped curve of the Mississippi River a disastrous break in the levee cut a wide channel to Lake Pontchartrain. Crevasse closed in 1883. Bonnet Carré spillway completed in 1932.