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Front Texas Remembers her sons by whose valor and devotion the federal enemy was defeated at Mansfield, April 8, 1864 and thereafter in several bloody engagements driven from the Red River valley. Thus was Texas saved from the …
From this point the line extended about 400 yards Northeast, thence East about a mile. It extended about a half mile South from here.
Maj. Gen Walker, with Waul's and Surry's brigades, passed here parallel to the road during a charge that turned the Federal left flank and gained a position on the road in rear of Federal line.
Randal's Brigade of Walker's Texas Infantry Div. charged across this area traveling parallel to the road, supporting Mouton's Division which made the first charge on Randal's left.
Here the Federal line extending from the South turned East along a rail fence forming a V. General Mouton's Division charged this line in the bloodiest part of battle. In this, the first Confederate charge, General Mouton was killed and the gallan…
The progenitor of the Laffitte family in northwest Louisiana was born in Pouyroquelaure, Gascony, France on March 4, 1746 to Francois Jean Boüet and Marie de Laffitte. He immigrated to Louisiana in 1764 and eventually settled here in the Bayou Pi…