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H. Molenar and J.A. Dalsuet photographed much of early Marksville and its early inhabitants. Most of the photographs that have survived were made by Molenar who had a studio on this site.
Raised Greek Revival dwelling with Victorian influence built in 1872 by Alfred and Elizka Bordelon. Occupied by direct descendants. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Marksville Church of the Nazarene was organized on October 26, 1926 in the home of Mrs. L.J. Coco. Rev. L.L. Latham was the first minister. This "New England" style building has outstanding twelve over twelve windows. Congregation…
Founded by Rev. Fr. Nicholas Juderman as a school for Black Catholic children. Land donated by Daughters of the Cross. Funding obtained from Mother Katherine Drexel, founder of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Opened in 1917. First s…
A large Eastlake Victorian one and a half story structure with heavy Victorian ornamentation stood on this site. Built by Adolph Frank, German native. Local folklore states that Andrew Jackson stayed at an earlier inn on this site.
Site of general store and post office where Sam Bass mailed Solomon Northup's letter to obtain his freedom from being kidnapped into slavery. Northup was a free man of color living in Saratoga, New York and was hired to play violin in Washington, …
Founded by the Daughters of the Cross of Treguier, France in 1854 at Hydropolis (Cocoville), and relocated to this site after the Civil War. First Catholic girls' school in Avoyelles Parish. Later became co-educational.
The Masonic Lodge was first organized in 1900 and chartered on February 12, 1901. The lodge moved to this two story frame Arts and Crafts style building in 1925.
Left section of this building was built in 1899 and the right section was added in 1918 by Jules Coco, a local merchant. This building has housed general merchandize (sic) stores, a Ford dealership, photo studio, hat shop, record shop, woodwork sh…
Full two story frame structure housing a business and hotel. Property originally owned by Madame Marc Eliché. Purchased in the 1940's by Jules Moreau for a "pressing shop". Also housed a tractor dealership at one time.