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Traces its beginning to 1854 when first house, a log cabin, was built here near a good spring. County seat was bodily moved by wagon to this place (then called Camp Henderson) in 1867, and renamed to honor Patrick Cleburne, a Confederate genera…
Joseph Papineau (1752 - 1841), notaire et d?put?, habitait cette maison. Son fils Louis-Joseph Papineau (1786-1871), avocat, homme d'?tat et chef de l'insurrection de 1837, y v?cut ?galement ainsi que ses descendants.
Organized in 1854, Johnson County located its seat of government to Wardville and in Buchanan before moving in 1867 to Camp Henderson, which later became Cleburne. The Buchanan courthouse was moved to the new county seat and used until 1869, when …
County named for Texas ConfederateColonel Middleton T. Johnson1810-1866South Carolinian; Legislator Alabama came to Texas 1840. Member Republic of Texas Congress. Cavalryman in U.S. War with Mexico. Texas Ranger surveyor of early railroads. As col…