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Created February 2, 1842 from Montgomery and Houston counties Recreated January 22, 1858 Organized August 2, 1858 Named in honor of General James Hamilton, 1786-1857 Lawyer and Governor of South Carolina Appointed diplomatic agent to Europe…
Created and organized in 1858. By 1860 had 489 people in 78 families from 15 states. Vote in 1861 was 86-1 in favor of secession. 60 farmers were organized as Hamilton County Minutemen, a unit of part-time soldiers. Others joined Confederate regim…
Organized Sept. 5, 1880, by Rev. John A. McMurray, evangelist of Central Texas Presbytery. Its building of early 1880s was first frame church erected in Hamilton; used by other faiths on Sunday evenings for years. Charter members included W.…