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Occupied from 1864 to 1868 and the divergence of the Denver Cut Off from the Overland TrailThis monument is erected by Fort Morgan Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution1912
Junction Station, the first settlement at this site, suffered numerous Indian attacks similar to those that raged all along the South Platte during the mid 1860s. To protect the crucial crossroads, which joined the South Platte River Trail with it…
Sugar beets didn't become Colorado's first major cash crop by accident. Scientists, businessmen, and newspapers spent thirty years singing the praises of this starchy root, which as early as the 1860s was found to be perfectly suited to Colorado's…
Take a few moments on this spot to explore the South Platte River and the riparian woodland that runs beside it. You'll discover that this ribbon of life is a great place for wildlife watching.Where the South Platte flows through prairie, farm, an…
Spanning the South Platte River, the Rainbow Arch Bridge carried vehicular traffic from its completion in 1923 until its closure in 1988. Engineer James B. Marsh of Des Moines, Iowa, designed the structure in 1922. Denver bridge contractor Charles…