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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt implemented the "New Deal," a plan for ending the Great Depression. His economic program was was based on relief, recovery, and reform and included the introduction of the Works Progress Administration…
Built circa 1920 Unique example of an early filling station designed in residential Tudor Revival Style.
Joseph C. Lea enrolled his son Wildy in Fort Worth University, a noted military school. Lea was so impressed with his son's education that he recruited the superintendent of the school, Colonel Robert S. Goss, to found a military institute in Rosw…
Roswell's first building was erected near this spot. Built by James Patterson, the 15 by 15 foot trading post was a rest stop along the Goodnight Loving Cattle Trail. The trading post was later acquired by Van C. Smith who, around 1870, added onto…
Roswell's first general store and post office stood near this spot. The building was constructed by Van C. Smith in 1870 and hosted a somewhat famous postmaster, Ash Upton, who was a political player in the Lincoln County War and the ghost writer …
Memorial Wall Dedicated To All Citizens Of Chaves County Who Served And Died Defending Our Freedom ( engraved on the stone wall ) World War I Pvt. Alter, Cecil W. · Baker, Ray A. · Bozarth, Lewis Hath · P…
Chaves County Courthouse has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior 1985
In Memoriam N.M. 200th Coast Artillery AA Regt. 8 Dec.1941 - First Into Battle W.W.II 15 Aug. 1945 - Liberated From Death Camps "Let Us Not Forget Their Faith In God and Country" Donated by V.F.W. Post 2575 30 May 1959
Dedicated to The Men and Women of Chaves County, New Mexico Who Served Their Country During the Persian Gulf War 1990 — 1991 by Roswell Cares Support Group
In Remembrance of The Veterans of All Wars and Military Actions Who Made The Supreme Sacri Fice With Grateful Appreciation from The Citizens of Chavez County Nov. 11, 1983