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This was a public plaza in the Mezesville townsite, and was a park until 1959 when it was given to San Mateo County for a Hall of Justice and Records.
Left Side - EnglishShe donated 59,000 acres of land for the benefit of all people. Right Side - SpanishDonadora de 59,000 acres par beneficio de la comunidad
Children and teacherscrossed footbridges to reachthe "Island" public school herefrom 1864 to 1895
The Redwood City Volunteer Fire Department started in 1861, and was the first non-profit organization in San Mateo County. It wasn't until 1921 when this building at 1044 Middlefield Road was built that the firefighters finally received a salary. …
Redwood CityClimate Best by Government TestThis archway sign and slogan is based on the design of two earlier archway signs that once spanned the El Camino Real, designating the northern and southern entryways into Redwood City. A smaller scale re…
This property has beenPlaced on theNational Registerof Historic PlacesBy the United StatesDepartment of the Interior1928
In 1858, Simon M. Mezes donated land to the county so that a courthouse could be built. This is the third courthouse built on this exact site and the forth built in the property. In 1903, the architectural firm of Dodge and Dolliver designed a dom…
A hotel on this site, owned by Harry N. Morse and Daniel W. Balch, was the site of the first town meeting in 1854. Residents rejected a Mezesville government.
Redwood City Historic Landmark No.2National Register Historic DistrictThis Brick Building was constructed in 1859 as a general store for J.V. Diller, who became Redwood City's first mayor in 1867. From 1875 until 1911, P.P. Chamberlain (County Tre…
Organized July 30,1895,the first public High Schoolbetween San Francisco and San Joseoccupied its own buildingon this site in 1904 Plaque donated byThe Exchange Club of Redwood City1967