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Lat 39 - 04'N · Long 123 - 16'W In Remembrance Pan American Airways "Philippine Clipper" Martin (M-130) NC-14715 November 14, 1935 - January, 21, 1943 History Total hours in the air 14,628. After eight years of flying the…
Born June 5, 1884, Santa Ana, California; Died July 15, 1913, Chico, California Inspired by accounts of the first public flights of Wilber and Orville Wright, Chico resident Thaddeus Kerns constructed and flew a hang glider of his own construc…
Erected 1888Deeded as use as a railroad depotby John W. BrittanSite of the first San Carlos TelegraphPost Office and LibraryAn Historical SiteDedicated 1976
Dedicated to the lasting memory of those from the City of San Carlos and San Carlos High School who gave their lives while serving with the Armed Forces of the United States of America during the Vietnam War and in the Persian Gulf.They fought and…
Southern Pacific constructed this station in 1888 to meet the needs of the new town of San Carlos. The use of the Richardsonian Romanesque Revival style of architecture was exceedingly rare for railroad depots in California. This style and the use…