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1839 Jean Vioget laid out the first plan of Yerba Buena (later San Francisco), showing the Union Square site as a future park. 1847 Jasper O'Farrell created a second, more accurate plan for the blocks of San Francisco, designating this site as …
Named for U.S.S. Portsmouth commanded by Capt. John B. Montgomery, after whom Montgomery Street was named. It was here on the plaza that Capt. Montgomery first raised the American flag near the Mexican adobe custom house on July 9, 1846. This plaz…
On approximately this spotMiles Archer,partner of Sam Spade,was done in byBrigid O'Shaughnessy
On this spot the American flagwas first raised in San Franciscoby CommanderJohn B. Montgomeryof the U.S.S. PortsmouthJuly 9, 1845
John Hamilton StillArrived in California September 16, 1849, and was San Francisco's first book dealer. He opened a store on the west side of Portsmouth Plaza in the Fall of 1849, where he remained until the Spring of 1850.
Commenced operation August 1, 1873. Ceased February 15, 1947. Invented and installed by Andrew S. Hallidie, born London, England March 16, 1836. Died San Francisco, April 24, 1900. Pioneer manufacturer of wire cables, Regent University of Californ…
On this site January 9, 1847the California Star, the first newspaper in San Francisco, was published by Samuel Brannan
In February 1893, Mr. Edward F. Searles donated the Hopkins Mansion to the University of California in trust for the San Francisco Art Institute for the "instruction in and illustration of the fine arts, music and literature," and as San Francisco…
The Mark Hopkins Hotel was conceived, financed and built by Comstock Lode mining engineer George D. Smith who operated it from its opening in December 1926 through January 1962. He directed the evolution of the hotel from a semi-residential to a t…
We Salute These Americans of Chinese Ancestry who Gave Their Lives for America inWorld Wars I & IITom Kwong, Leo Sai, Bill Tom, Donald Ginn Chong, Lincoln Mark, Tung Ling Yee, Harry Wong, Daniel Lim, Clifford S. Low, Hon Y. Lee, John Wing Yee, Get…