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Here, June 25, 1835, William A. Richardson, founder of Yerba Buena, (later San Francisco) erected its first habitation, a tent dwelling, replacing it, in October 1835, by the first wooden house, and on this ground, in 1836, he erected the large ad…
Photographer Benjamen Chinn was born, raised and spent virtually his entire live in this house. Chinn is best known for his iconic photographs of San Francisco's Chinatown and Paris, France.
Founder of the Kuo Min Tang, Champion for Democracy, Father of the Chinese Republic and first President. Lover of mankind. Proponent of friendship and peace among the nations based on equality, justice and goodwill.
At this location, "1150" California Street, now the site of the Choir, stood William H. Crocker's Queen Anne style mansion (1888). The Deuxieme Empire-Italian Villa style mansion (1877) of his father, Charles Crocker, was at the N.W. corner of Cal…
Huntington ParkOn this site in 1872, General David D. Colton, a railroad attorney, built one of the most elaborate residences ever seen in San Francisco. The classic white wooden mansion featured an entry flight of marble steps leading to a portic…
Marker 1 - (Main Marker):The original Verde River Sheep Bridge, also known as the Red Point Sheep Bridge, was constructed at this location in 1943 by Flagstaff Sheep Company, which had been grazing sheep in the area under a Forest Service permit s…
This marks the site of the firstpublic school in California Erected in 1847 — Opened April 3, 1848 This commemorative marker was erectedin 1957 by the Grand Lodge of Freeand Accepted Masons of the State of CaliforniaCalifornia Histori…
{The left side of the marker has the text in English:}This church was organized on October 3, 1880. The congregation first met in rented quarters on Washington Street across from Portsmouth Square, and moved to the present location in 1888. The f…
Lodged at 608 Bush Street, December 1879 - March 1880, and there wrote essays, poems autobiography and fiction. Plaque placed by admirers of the author in cooperation with the California Historical Society.July 26, 1972
(Panel 1)On the night of April Thirtieth 1898 Commodore Deweys squadron entered Manila Bay and undaunted by the danger of submerged explosives reached Manila at dawn of May First 1898 · Attacked and destroyed the Spanish fleet of ten war sh…