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Effective discoverer of the Calaveras Big Trees
In MemoriamFrank William MannJohn P. PourroyFrederick Edward SandersClark Booth WaterhouseWho gave their livesFor their Country1917 - 1918Christian N. PedersenFred Gordon Thomson
This charming pioneer cottage was built around 1895 for the family of retired farmer David Grover. After David's death in 1906 at the age of 90, his widow Nancy and their son Henry continued to live in the house. Mrs. Grover was noted for her chur…
This Classic Revival brick building was Saratoga's first bank. It was designed by the architectural firm of Wolfe & McKenzie around 1912. Bank founders include Dr. Hogg, a local investor; Charles Blaney, who established Blaney Plaza at the Village…
Site ofMartin McCarty's TollGate - 1850-51.Around it grew thistown of many names:Toll Gate · McCartysvilleBank Mills · Saratoga
This pioneer Western Falsefront store was built in 1890 by Daniel McCarthy, son of Village founders Hannah and Martin McCarty. It was locally known as the Green Store Building because for many years it was painted green. This style of building …
In 1856 John C. Hutchinson purchased 160 acres of land about one mile south of the Village. There was a limestone quarry on this land and lime was being produced from its lime kiln. In 1884 Mr. Hutchinson built this two story building with the fir…
Established November 13, 1893Garrad Farms was founded by David Garrod with the purchase of sixty-five acres. For over seventy years the family run farm was active in fruit production. In the following years the farm has been devoted to equestrian …
Madronia Cemetery is Saratoga's oldest institution. The first burials occurred on this site in 1854. Other burials followed over the next several years prior to its dedication as a cemetery. This land was originally part of the Quito Land Grant…
These two buildings appear to be connected, but they were actually built by different owners more than a decade apart. The building on the right was a general store built circa 1884 by John Hutchinson, who became Saratoga's postmaster in 1886. …