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Heavy rains fell during March of 1911 causing rail service from the Penitencia Creek Entrance to the Picnic Grounds to close. The rains continued swelling Penitencia Creek until it overflowed its banks. On March 7 an 8-foot wall of water from the …
In 1891, Richard Quincey, a local wood and coal dealer, began building the first rail line to Alum Rock Park. Quincey began construction on May 11, 1891 at Santa Clara Street and McLauglin Avenue. By June 26, 1891, had reached White Road and has r…
Following the Stock Market Crash of 1893, John Center took over the Alum Rock Railway for Richard Quincey. Shortly after he took over the line, John Center sold it for $1.00 to his nephew, Hugh Center. By 1896, Hugh Center had the line running …