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Dedicated tohonor and reverethe sacrificesof all thosewho have servedtheir country
Built in 1860, second oldest building in California used continuously for school purposes. Cost four thousand dollars for two rooms as at present. Called "Pine Grove College" by pupils. J.A. Smith, Calaveras County Superior Court judge for 37 year…
Avery one-room school was established April 4, 1886. School was in session from March to December due to winter snows that kept the highway closed. Hazel Fischer taught here from July 1916 to March 1941. Ms Fischer took all the students to San …
Rebuilt in 1859 as a stone, fire-proof, grocery and provisions store by Vassallo & Co. In 1861 was the homestead of J.C. Green & Wife. By 1863 owned & operated as a bakery by B.M. Orengo & Ruiseco. It is said that the baker Ruiseco was shot to dea…
The brothers John Murphy (1824-1892) and Daniel Murphy (1826-1882) reportedly pitched their trading tent near this site late in 1848.
Founder of Murphys, 1848.John and brother Daniel set up trading post; hired Miwok Indians to mine gravel - paid them in merchandise Murphys was first known as Murphys Diggings; then Murphys Camp - later Murphys John Murphy left camp in Dec.…
Member of Fremont's Battalion during Mexican War. Established Indian trading posts throughout Central San Joaquin Valley. Leader of the first expedition of the Mariposa Battalion into Yosemite Valley, 1851 Dr. Lewis Leach described Savage as ma…
Chispa Parlor No. 139 was chartered April 10, 1889, dissolved April 25, 1896, and reorganized March 14, 1905. This site was first occupied circa 1860 by the Independent Order of Good Templars, a group dedicated to the prohibition of liquor and …
Near this spot the "E.C.V. Saloon" stood in 1853. Believed to be the only E. Clampus Vitus (miners' fun fraternal order) saloon officially recorded.
Built in 1858 by Pierre Bonet with fire proof steel shutters and stone walls. Owned and operated by Victorene Compere to provision the miners. Restored and preserved as a private residence in 1939. Historic American Building Survey No. 11081977 ECV