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Erected in 1936 as a joint project of the Federal Public Works Administration and the County of Tuolumne, in grateful commemoration of those who gave their lives in heroic defense of "our altars and our fires" and the priceless human liberties han…
May 31, 1889 Henry J. Crocker, Wellington Gregg, Thomas Bullock and Charles Gardner formed the Westside Flume and Lumber Company, for a total cost of 361,000.00 dollars. The mill was built, and by the end of the year was in operation, and by 1900 …
First placer camp in East Belt section of Mother Lode. Gold discovered here in 1853 by Scott brothers, descendants of Cherokee Indians. Scars of placer "diggings" in every little arroyo in Cherokee Valley healed over by Mother Nature later replace…
Joseph Lord was a significant pioneer of the community. A naturalized Englishman, he was born about 1837 and died before 1906. The house was built around 1875 in the Italianate style. It is the oldest surviving house in the Tuolumne community. Mir…
This hose cart house restored March 1974, by Tuolumne Hose Co. No. 1, in memory of those who fought fire and originated the first volunteer fire dept. in the townsite of Summerville in 1885.
Dedicated to the memory of the men and women of West Side Lumber Company who served this community so faithfully over the many years. 1898-1958.
Geographical center of East Belt Placer Gold Rush, 1856-57. First white settlers, the Franklin Summers family, arrived in 1854 and built log cabin half mile west. James Blakely, in 1858, discovered first quartz lode, half mile east, naming it "Eur…