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The last remaining buildingof the Gold Rush era Chinese communityin Old Hangtown Stone House is famousfor its historical significanceas an old Chinese brothel Restored byJohn R. Berry - Attorney at LawArchitectural and design byCaywood, Nopp…
The Masonic Building was built by S.G. Beach and Company in the fall of 1893 for the Placerville Masonic Hall Association, using 85,000 first quality bricks shipped from Sacramento. It housed some of the finest legal talent in the county, attorney…
F.A. Gerbode began construction of this building for W.A. (Will) Fairchild in 1903. Family legend says that when excavation began, enough gold was found to finance the project which totaled $16,000. The building's two stories, much like today, hou…
This building was erected in the Fall of 1860 for Confidence Engine Company No.1, organized in June 1857. City government located here since 1902.
Erected in 1860, this part of City Hall housed the Confidence Engine Company which was originally formed as The Mountaineer Engine Company. When flames engulfed most of the town in 1856, concerned citizens of Placerville realized that even the bes…
1833 - - - 1917Pioneer - Blacksmith - SoldierInventor - Builder
Dedicated to the memory of all those veterans,down through the years, who fought so valiantlyfor their country.. Those who returned..and those that did not. From one who did not return from "Desert Storm" Sgt. J. Scott Lindsay5 April 1963 - …
Morning Star Lodge #20 was instituted February 9, 1854. The Lodge met for several years on the second floor of a 48 x 24 foot hillside building near here. In 1859, the members erected a building on this site. On May 15th, 1910, a fire started in t…
Owned and operated by theRay Gier FamilyFrom 1946 to 1955 Owned and operated by the Bing Petersonand Thomas C. Smith FamiliesFrom 1955 to 1967
Site of originalRaley's Grocery Storeopened on February 16, 1935byThomas P. Raley, Founder of"Raley's Super Markets&Drug Centers"