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This colonial style revival structure was built in 1900 for Chauncy H. Dunn and his family. Mr. Dunn was a prominent attorney, who represented several important clients including the William Land estate. The building was originally located on Capi…
On June 24, 1895 the Sisters of Mercy responded to the healthcare needs of the people of Sacramento by acquiring the Ridge Home, a small private hospital, from two local physicians. In 1896, the Sisters broke ground for the construction of a large…
This museum dedicated toLOYALTY - COOPERATION - PROGRESSAnd to the Ideals ofAMERICAN DEMOCRACY
This park is named in honor ofGeneral Albert M. WinnFounder of the Order of Native Sons of the Golden WestBorn in Loudon County, Virginia, April 27th, 1810Died in Sonoma, California, August 26th, 1883
Sutter's Fort, established by Capt. John A. Sutter in August 1839, marked the Western end of the Coloma Road. Opened in 1847, this road ran from the Fort to Sutter's sawmill at Coloma. Used by James W. Marshall in January 1848 to bring the news of…
The Native Sons and Native Daughters of the Golden West planted it on July 19, 1939. and dedicated it September 9, 1948, on the occasion of the celebration of Admission Day and the Centenary of the founding of the modern City of Sacramento.
The original building was located on land at the S. E. corner of 7th and L Sts. Donated by Capt. John Sutter. It was known as The Baltimore Chapel. Prefabricated in Baltimore and shipped around The Horn, it became the first house of worship in Sac…
Established by John Sutter in 1849. Purchased in 1857 by J.W. Reeves, who later deeded it to the City of Sacramento. 1009 Chinese buried here were shipped to China by the Chinese Societies who deeded their plots to the city.
Swiss ImmigrantFounder of New HelvetiaThe beginning of SacramentoBuilder of Sutter's FortA man of vision and compassionwho deserves the respectand gratitudeof Americans and Swiss
[Main Marker]:Captain John A. Sutter, after coming up the Sacramento River from Yerba Buena in August 1839, landed approximately two hundred feet north of here, at what was then the south bank of the American River. A short time thereafter he move…