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"Site of first flour mill in Ophir City now Oroville, built in 1858. Erected and dedicated by Argonaut Parlor No. 8 Native Sons and Gold of Ophir Parlor No. 190 Native Daughters as part of the Bicentennial Year Celebration 1776 - 1976"
It is not how this officer died that makes him a hero, it is how he lived. Deputy Sheriff Randal Eugene JenningsBadge No. 80Butte County Sheriff's Office On May 21, 1997 Deputy Randy Jennings became the first Butte County Sheriff's Deputy to…
Site of First Theater in OrovilleThe American(Seal of the American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976)
This is the area of the original historic site of Old Yankee Hill. It was first founded as a gold mining town, having in later years a hotel, general store, Wells Fargo post office, saloon and a winery.Yankee Hill was purchased by the Smiths in th…
Entering California over the Applegate and Lassen trails, a party of Oregonians captained by Peter H. Burnett, arrived here in Autumn of 1848 to establish the town of Oregon City. Burnett, little more than a year later, became the first civil gove…
In 1864 the Strang family moved to Oregon City. The institution date of the Oregon City Cemetery is unknown, the oldest grave is believed to be August 16, 1878. William H. Strang granted to the inhabitants of Oregon City and vicinity this piece of…
The one room school built here in 1863 survived mining booms and busts, world wars and a great depression only to have social changes close its doors forever in 1949. It is with sincere gratitude that we donate this marker for opportunities provid…
The City of Orovillebuilt theOroville Municipal Airportin 1933 and itproudly served as aWW II Training BaseMural circa 1942Dedicated 1996
"Site of 1st SawmillErected by Argonaut Parlor No. 8 Native Sons and Gold of Ophir Parlor No. 190 Native Daughters, commemorating the Bicentennial Year 1776 - 1976"
1956 marks 1st centennial of Butte County Court House at Oroville3rd county seat of Butte County