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Edison Ore Mining & Miocene Mining Co. Oct. 1879 to May 1881 by Major Frank McLaughlin searched for platinum to use in Edison's electric light globe. Used a process to remove gold from black sands found in mine tailings. Miocene Mining Co. oper…
Oroville State Theatrehas been placed on theNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StateDepartment of the InteriorBuilt 1928
Thousands of Jewish emigrants escaping religious persecution and economic oppression in Germany and Eastern Europe joined the Gold Rush to California. They brought with them a strong work ethic and religious conviction. These settlers were amon…
Established in 1857 to replace the cemetery which served the original gold camp of Ophir City, remains from that graveyard were removed when the area now known as Hewitt Claim Park was mined thus forcing the relocation of the cemetery. This burial…
This cemetery was established in 1850 during the Gold Rush days to serve the Chinese communities of Lava Beds, Bagdad, Bidwell Bar and Ophir City (now Oroville). The last burial here was in 1944.
This tablet commemoratesthe establishmentof theFirst Banking InstitutioninOphirnowOrovillewhich was located on this siteand occupied byMcWilliams & Tymeson - G.A. Emery - Geo. Faulkner & Co. 1855-1865Rideout Smith & Co. 1866-1912Rideout Smith Nati…
SESQUICENTENNIAL TESTAMENT On the 8th day of MayIn the year 2006AL 6006Oroville Lodge No. 103 F.&A.M.In the State of CaliforniaDid celebrate 150 yearsIn Oroville, California Dispensation: April 4, 1856Chartered: May 8, 1856
Dedicated in the spring of 1863, this building served as a temple of worship for 10,000 Chinese then living here. Funds for its erection and furnishings were provided by the Emperor and Empress of China and local Chinese labor built the structure.…
has been placed onNational Registerof Historic Placesby the United StatesDepartment of the InteriorIn 1911, Andrew Carnegie, Scottish industrialist, businessman, and major philanthropist, endowed upon City of Oroville $10,000 for the construction …
Led from Indian Territory by their New England schoolmaster, a band of young Cherokee Argonauts discovered gold here 1850. Town established 1853 when first stores erected by Welsh miners. During heyday of 1875, Cherokee boasted its own theatre, ra…